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Our firm is situated in the middle of Germany, in the middle of the land Hessen and is not far from Frankfurt am Main.
      The company ROSBULAT GmbH conducts own history from the beginning of 90th years of the last century under the direction of the diplomaed engineer of the foreign trade and economic relations of Leonid Troshanin.
      Today activity of the company ROSBULAT GmbH is directed to expansion of contacts as between the West-European manufacturers and the East-European consumers, so and on the contrary direction.
      It concerns, first of all, such directions of the foreign trade, as: purchase and delivery of the equipment for the oil and gas industry, of the equipment for wood and for the wood-manufacturing industry, and also the trade of the products from wood.
      Besides these directions of foreign trade and economic relations, ROSBULAT GmbH supports the foreign trade in the field of jewels with full assortment of precious and semiprecious stones.
      ROSBULAT GmbH represents also on the market of Europe the Natural Preparations based on Huminacids (Huminsäuren). These Preparations were developed by the Russian scientists the Juriy Putsykin and Alexander Shapovalov. We can make not less than 500 tons per year of these natural, without ballast and completely soluble in water, the Humin-preparations. These HUMULAT-preparations are 100 % biologically pure Products which have been made to restore the fertile soil, to increase a crop in an agriculture at least by 30 % and to give a strong health to growing generation in animal industries.
      Representatives of the firm ROSBULAT GmbH are always glad to establish the economical contacts and the foreign trade relations with you, and we are always glad to help you that to organise.


Phone: +49 172-6927733
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